About Me

Hi there! I’m the owner/creator/foodie of Simple Pantry. Simple Pantry is ready-to-cook one-pot meals in a jar. It’s called Simple Pantry because my products are simple, sophisticated, and anything you add into it can be easily found in your pantry, which I believe to be super important. My products are for those who are intimidated by cooking, don’t have time to cook or just anybody who wants a simple, healthy homemade meal.

My products in a jar initially came from gifting. I wanted to give my family meaningful, consumable handmade gifts that would be enjoyed from beginning to end. With the right encouragement, love and confidence, Simple Pantry was born. 

Simple Pantry came from my passion for cooking, creativity and enabling others to cook great meals for themselves with confidence. Some of my customers say my products are perfect for lazy or unskilled cooks. But they can be great for all levels, because I encourage everyone to get creative and add their own twist to the finished product. I like to say, "made by me, cooked by you" because I want you to take the credit for an amazing meal. Although it came from a package, it’s still handmade.

When I’m not pouring jars in a local kitchen space, you can find me working from home alongside my entrepreneur partner, Luis, and our toy Aussie, Remix, in the Beaches, Toronto. 

 xo, Agata